About Us

Ola! Welcome to Tourio Getaways my most passionate endeavor yet!

I’m Sona, I was born and raised in northwestern Kenya in a beautiful little city called Nakuru. I moved to Tanzania in the early 2001 and started taking an interest in the travel and tourism industry and that is when I realized my true calling.

Now, with over 25 years of serving clients globally, I have finally ventured off on my own where I can continue to provide the best of service to my customers with that extra touch of sona.

Tourio Getaways is a 100% woman-led agency with the objective of creating custom packages tailored to each unique requirement. 

Need a tropical beach excursion? 

A walk on the wild side with the big five?

A corporate retreat for team building?

Or maybe just a quick weekend baecation?

I got you!

Best, Sona x

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